People happy at a Point of the bluff winery

Everything to Know about Point of the Bluff Vineyards

Nestled on the shores of Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes region of New York, Point of Bluff Vineyards is a hidden gem that offers not only award-winning wines but also a captivating music venue. This picturesque winery and music destination combines the beauty of the surrounding landscape with the magic of live performances, creating an unforgettable experience for visitors.

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Point of Bluff Vineyards

Established in 2007, Point of Bluff Vineyards has been passionately showcasing the natural beauty of the Finger Lakes region through their wines, live music, and delectable food offerings. Located on Route 76 in Hammondsport, New York, this boutique winery offers a tranquil and idyllic setting overlooking the pristine waters of Keuka Lake. The panoramic views, coupled with the warmth and hospitality of the staff, create an inviting atmosphere that welcomes both wine enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

Meet the Winemaking Team

At Point of Bluff Vineyards, the art of winemaking is carefully crafted by their talented winemaking team. Mike Countryman has been making wine for over 30 years and is an important part of creating the excellent flavors found in their wines. From crisp and refreshing whites to rich and velvety reds, the wines at Point of Bluff Vineyards are sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave a lasting impression.

Exciting Events

One of the highlights of Point of Bluff Vineyards is its reputation as a premier music venue in the Finger Lakes region. Throughout the year, the winery hosts a variety of concerts featuring world-class musical acts, providing an extraordinary experience for music enthusiasts. As you relax with a glass of their exquisite wine, you can enjoy live performances while taking in the breathtaking view of Keuka Lake. The fusion of music and natural beauty creates a truly magical ambiance that sets Point of Bluff Vineyards apart from other wineries in the area.

A Unique Experience

Guests visiting Point of Bluff Vineyards can expect much more than exceptional wines and captivating music. The property offers a serene and inviting environment where visitors can explore and unwind. Whether you choose to wander through the vineyards, relax on the outdoor patio, or simply savor the flavors of their carefully crafted wines, you’ll find yourself immersed in the essence of Finger Lakes charm.

Plan Your Visit to Point of Bluff Vineyards

If you’re seeking a unique fusion of wine, music, and stunning scenery, Point of Bluff Vineyards is definitely worth a visit. Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the Finger Lakes region, savor the exceptional wines, and let the melodies of live music transport you to a place of pure bliss. Click here to find more wineries!

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