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Why Barrington Cellars is a Finger Lakes Must-See: Top 5 Facts

Barrington Cellars in the Finger Lakes region is a winery with its own unique charm. It’s a place where you can taste the tradition in every glass, enjoy the scenery, and join in on fun events. From personal wine tastings to lively seasonal festivals, there’s a lot happening here. This blog will share what sets Barrington Cellars apart, helping you plan a memorable visit to the vibrant Finger Lakes region. Let’s explore what makes Barrington Cellars a fun spot on your wine trail adventure!

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Barrington Cellars: Beautiful Views, Delicious Wines, and Plenty of Fun

A Symphony of Flavors

Barrington Cellars is a family-owned winery near the stunning Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes region. With a legacy dating back to 1971, the vineyard has been certified organic since 1990, making it a pioneer in sustainable wine production. Offering a curated selection of over 20 wines, the winery specializes in traditional and experimental varieties, ensuring a unique tasting experience for every visitor.

Seasonal Events

For information about events at the vineyard, it is best to contact them directly or visit their Facebook page. They are also part of the Keuka Lake Wine Trail, open year-round, where you can discover many of the Finger Lakes wineries in the area and the many events you can attend.

The Scenic Beauty of Keuka Lake

The winery is situated near the stunning Keuka Lake on the eastern shores. It provides a picturesque backdrop while you enjoy a glass of wine and relax.

A Toast to Organic Excellence

Barrington Cellars is all about making great wine the right way. They’ve been organic since 1990. You know you’re getting something with excellent taste without the additives, and it’s good for the planet. If you love red wine, you’ve got to try their “Vulture’s Red” or “Dry Concord.” Are you more of a white wine fan? Their “Dry Riesling” and “Cayuga” are top picks. And if you’re looking for something non-alcoholic, they even have 100% pure white and red grape juice that’s just as good as their wine.

Why Barrington Cellars is a Must-Visit

If you’re vacationing in the Finger Lakes, Barrington Cellars should be on your itinerary. It offers a wide range of wines with proven excellence in the industry. It provides a scenic escape that you won’t find elsewhere.

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